Choosing The Right Roof Cleaning Contractor Near Atlanta GA

Roof Cleaning Near Atlanta GA

Roof Cleaning Companies can very drastically in quality of service. If you are interested in roof cleaning and have decided to get your shingle roof cleaned, let’s talk about why choosing the right contractor/company can save you a ton of future problems and your hard-earned cash.

Doing a google search on the subject can have your head spinning in a hurry, with a lot of conflicting info about the right way to achieve a clean roof.

Most of the information is from companies that are selling you their products/services. Everybody thinks their way is “the best”.

The “green” camp will tell you their way is the best. However, since their formula is proprietary you don’t really know what they are putting on your roof. You will also pay much more than needed for this type of service

Another type would be companies offering to pressure wash your roof. This one is especially damaging because while it may look great after they finish the job, it will without a doubt take years off your roof. The high pressure used by these machines will rip the shingle grit right off your roof, therefore drastically reducing the life of your roof. You need your shingle grit.

The simple truth is there is only one way to properly clean your shingle roof. According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA), the only safe and effective way to clean your shingle roof is by using a Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) solution. This method will clean the algae/mold/mildew and dirt discoloration without damaging your roof.   There is a downside to this method in that the Hypochlorite solution can be harmful to plants, trees and grass. Make sure your contractor properly preps the areas around your house and that they will fix/replace any damaged areas. With the proper preparation you shouldn’t run into any problems.

To properly apply this Hypochlorite solution the “soft washing” technique must be used. It is imperative that when hiring your roof cleaning contractor/company that they use this method and not high pressure.

The next step to finding the right contractor would be to google “soft washing” roof cleaning companies in your area. Check which reputable companies you might want to hire. That means making sure they have good reviews and have been around a few years. You don’t want to hire the company that is in it to make a quick buck.

Most reputable companies will offer a 2-4-year guarantee in case the algae, mold or mildew comes back.  Make sure that they have been in business for a while and have good references, so you know they will be around if the algae, mold/mildew does comes back.

Now that you’ve found a few good companies it is time to set up a free estimate. After the estimates are all in, just choose the one who answered all your questions and are most comfortable with.

You will enjoy your newly cleaned roof for years to come. The results are truly amazing when done properly.Roof Cleaning near Marietta GA

Questions to ask during your estimate:

  1. Are they using the “soft wash” technique?
  2. Are they going to properly prep the areas around your home?
  3. Do they offer a guarantee?
  4. Will they replace/fix any areas (grass, plants) that might be damaged for free?
  5. How long have they been in business.

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