Can A Cleaner House Sell Your Home Faster?

How a Cleaner House Can Help Sell Your Home Faster

How can a cleaner house help sell your home faster? This is a question that is often overlooked. Most people don’t even think about how important first impressions are. Or what curb appeal even is and why it’s so important. Curb appeal is when a potential buyer is scrolling through your pictures on a real estate website, or touring your home in person. It is that first impression that is so important. Try an experiment, drive past your house as if you were a stranger.  Look at your house through fresh eyes. Is your roof dirty with black streaks? Or do you have leaves falling out of your gutters? A potential buyer will look at that and think your home might need a new roof. If the outside walls of your home have mold or mildew on it, the potential buyer is thinking there might be some wall damage. You get my drift… Before thinking about getting a new roof or painting your house to get it ready to sell, you should think about what you can have cleaned. A cleaner house can definitely help you sell your home faster.

Here are some cleaning tips that can help sell your home faster. 

Roof Cleaning: Roof Cleaning near Marietta GA

Roof Cleaning is one of the first curb appeal services you should look into. It is arguably the most important. It is definitely the most -value adding- service you can do. The black streaks and mold and mildew diminish the value of your home, and make it less appealing to the buyer.

Getting your roof professionally cleaned not only extends the life of your roof, but adds good curb appeal. It is a win-win for buyer and seller. The cleaning usually takes less than day and costs a fraction of the price of a new roof. It will dramatically transform the appearance of your roof -causing it to look “new”. You can check out our blog post for more on roof cleaning

here: Choosing The Right Roof Cleaning Contractor

Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters are full and there are leaves all over your roof, what is your potential buyer thinking? Probably that you don’t maintain your house. Which in turn could cause all kinds of problems with your roof and fascia. Your potential buyer are thinking uh oh there might be problems here.

Pressure Washing Your Home

Pressure washing your home is perhaps the easiest thing you can do to help with curb appeal. There is nothing like a first impression and when buyers pull up and see a well maintained exterior, interest in your home will increase. According to, a pressure washed home can add between $10,000-$15,000 to your property value. If you have dirt/mold/algae build up on your home, a simple cleaning from All Clear Cleaning, can make your home look newly painted, and well maintained.

Pressure Washing (Driveway & Pathways)

A quick way to increase the value of your home and add curb appeal is to make sure your driveway is pressure cleaned. The build up of mold, algae and mildew can cause long term health effects. Pressure washing your driveway can help remove some of the build up of not only mold, algae, and mildew but also gas, oil and many other chemicals that permeate the surface. While we cannot guarantee that all gas, oil, and other chemical stains will be completely removed (depending on severity and longevity of stain), we do all we can to make that happen. Taking care of those creates a “like new” look, without all the hassle of getting a new driveway. Here is an example of the difference a pressure cleaning makes:

Window Cleaning

Another great curb appeal service offered from All Clear Cleaning is window cleaning. Cleaning windows can be tedious for a homeowner, sometimes you have a too many windows, and not enough free hours in the week. But try not to overlook this when selling your house. Dirty windows can make your home look older, and not well maintained. And no potential buyer wants to have to think about the expense of replacing windows. So, you want to make sure your windows are regularly cleaned and not accumulating cobwebs, dirt, or mold. 

Interior House Cleaning Move In/Out Cleaning

An untidy house can often give it that “lived in”, dirty look. Cleaning your home eliminates that impression. According to HGTV, one of the most important tips is making sure your house is clean and tidy! Cleaning, and keeping it clean can help you recognize and stay on top of pesky issues that you may have not previously known you had. Not cleaning can add to dirt build-up often making non-issues such as a dirty vent or stain on the wall appear to the buyer to be something worse. Another good tip for removing the “lived in” impression is getting rid of the things you do not need, removing clutter and making it easier to maintain while your house is on the market.